Why it’s difficult to lose belly fat and 4 effective ways to lose it

I know it is rather frustrating to see absolutely no results when trying to lose belly fat even after you must’ve undergone an array of diets, sit-ups, early morning jogging, and the works. But have you ever wondered why? It simply could be because you’ve not discovered the root cause of your belly fat and what makes them sit cozily around your bellies while you try to move mountains to get rid of them. First of all, you should briefly understand the different types of belly fat and know the category you fall into. 


  1. SAGGING/VISCERAL FAT: This is the type of fat that is wrapped around your abdominal organs (such as the liver and intestines) and you can’t see them. You can have a flat tummy but still have visceral fat. Hence it is sometimes referred to as TOFI (thin on the outside, fat on the inside). This is the most dangerous type of belly fat is it is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, etc. Exercise does not have a significant impact on reducing this type of belly fat. Rather, the majority of results will be from keeping carbs low in your diet and reducing your stress levels.  

   2. PROTRUDED BELLY: This can be a result of different reasons such as ascites (buildup of fluid   in   your abdomen), stress, post-pregnancy, etc. However, the most severe cause is the buildup of fluid in the belly which is a result of decreased blood flow to and from the liver. This buildup shows that your liver is not functioning properly. This could be due to liver damage, and fatty liver disease and can lead to life-threatening complications. 

 3. LOWER POOCH (SUBCUTANEOUS FAT): This is the type of fat that is right under your skin that you can see. It is not a major health concern as you can burn it off through a healthy diet and exercise.

Women tend to go through changes at different changes in their life. When you start noticing that your belly fat is increasing, the first thing is to find out the root cause. Click on this link to find out https://naturesfieldng.com/2022/09/07/unusual-causes-of-belly-fat-in-women/


Even if you are on a low-carb diet, you can wake up in the morning and notice you have high glucose because your liver is making too much glucose out of stored fat, proteins, etc. This is due to insulin resistance caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. This means that even if you cut down your carbs, you still can’t lose weight because your body is making glucose that is not even coming from your diet! Hence, the main reason your belly fat is hard to get rid of is insulin resistance.


  1. EATING A HEALTHY AND LOW-CARB DIET: This includes limiting your intake of sugar and carbonated drinks and eating more protein and fiber foods. Additionally, you should add more healthy fat to your diet as this can make you go longer without eating. 
  2. GO FOR A GUARANTEED WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT: The amazing fact about NATURE’S FIELD SURESLIM FAT BURNER is that it contains Garcinia Cambodia extract proven to hinder a fat-producing enzyme in the body, and increase serotonin levels, hence helping to reduce cravings. 
  3. LOWER STRESS LEVELS: Stress makes you live on sugar which increases insulin levels. Therefore, high-stress level is very similar to eating sweets or sugary drinks! Also, get regular exercise. 
  4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Did you know that you burn more calories when you sleep? It also helps to reduce calorie intake and appetite.

Once you know the type of belly fat you have, you can work towards controlling it. This is important because everyone gains fat in different ways for different reasons. Start today, eat right, exercise, and go for high-quality NATURE’S FIELD SURESLIM FAT BURNER. Also remember people with a healthy weight are not superhumans. It is a matter of determination and consistency to achieve your target weight. 

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