Vitamin C: Amazing Health Benefits, Doses

Vitamin C became a popular supplement during the Covid-19 pandemic due to its immune-boosting and protective function. However, it has other amazing benefits that you may not know of. We can’t produce Vitamin C in the body, so we need to get it from other dietary sources such as fruits and vegetables. It is not always easy to get the amount of Vitamin C you need from food sources and this is where supplementation comes in. Vitamin C is essential in the development of connective tissues, bone formation, and wound healing, maintaining healthy gums.


  • Reduces risk of developing cancer: Frequent consumption of foods rich in vitamin C can lower the risk of cancer due to its immune-boosting property. This is because when the immune system is low, the body’s defenses are down against a group of viruses called oncoviruses which can lead to certain types of cancer such as cervical cancer, cancers of the mouth, anus, lungs, etc.  
  • Wound healing: Vitamin C plays a vital role in wound healing by stimulating collagen genes to produce collagen to heal wounds. 
  • Improves fertility: The impressive benefits of vitamin C would be incomplete without this one. Vitamin C  helps to boost sperm quality and prevent DNA damage in the sperm. Also, because of its antioxidant function, it mops up free radicals in the body which in turn reduces cellular damage and ovarian aging. Hence, it also contributes to the reproductive health of women.
  • Better Iron absorption: Iron is very essential in our body as it supports the normal transportation of oxygen to all organs. An iron deficiency can lead to anemia which is a condition where you lack red blood cells that carry oxygen to your tissues. Vitamin C helps to absorb some nutrients in the body including iron, it helps in reducing the risk of developing anemia caused by iron deficiency. 


You can get a bit confused when you see different strengths of Vitamin C ranging from 500mg to 1500mg. The recommended daily amount for Vitamin C depends on age. For women is 75mg daily and for men is 90mg a day. For adults, the safe upper limit (highest daily intake likely to pose no risk) for vitamin C is 2000mg per day. Therefore, you shouldn’t exceed this limit to avoid overdose. There is a common myth that the higher amount of Vitamin C you take, the better for you. Well, you should know that even if you take 2000mg of Vitamin C daily as an adult, just know that your body can’t absorb more than 400mg. Hence, the excess is removed through urine because it is fat-soluble and not stored in the body. 

 You should also know that people with chronic liver or any kidney condition, gout, or a history of kidney stones should take no more than 1,000 mg a day.

VITAMIN C FROM NATURE’S FIELD is highly recommended because it contains a unique blend of Bioflavonoids and Acerola which are two powerful antioxidants that work together with vitamin C to serve various functions including promoting skin elasticity and easing digestive issues. 

Even if you find it challenging to get the amount of Vitamin C you need from your diet, supplementing with VITAMIN C FROM NATURE’S FIELD is an easy solution to have you living a happy and healthier life.  

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