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Nature’sField L-Arginine ( 500mg) supports blood flow and the circulatory system. It also contributes to faster recovery and improves performance and endurance on time-based exercises and capacity. This product is also known to support the cardiovascular system and overall blood circulation.

Nature’sfield L-Arginine is an amino acid used by the body as one of the building blocks of protein. In the body, L-Arginine is converted into a chemical compound called nitric oxide. This causes blood vessels to open wider and improves blood flow. The older you get, the ability to produce enough nitric oxide in the artery declines. Therefore, getting L-arginine through supplements can help enhance the capabilities of nitric oxide and enable the cells lining the inside of blood vessels to function properly and keep blood flowing freely. L-arginine also stimulates the production of growth hormones and insulin that help channel glucose into cells to be used for growth and energy generation. 

This supplement is recommended for people who want to;

  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and increase overall blood circulation
  • Boost exercise performance and recovery.
  • Improve erectile dysfunction by helping blood flow to vital organs. 

Lower inflammation and fight the effects of premature aging. 

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