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Nature’s Field Men’s Zone is specially formulated to support and promote men’s natural sexual performance. It helps to resuscitate declined erection quality, libido, and sexual energy experienced by older men.

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Men’s Zone from Nature’s Field is a sexual enhancer containing vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts formulated to promote men’s natural sexual performance. It helps to resuscitate declined erection quality, libido, quick ejaculation and sexual energy experienced by older men. Nature’s Field Men’s Zone is specially formulated to support healthy sexual drive and pleasure in older men. Atherosclerosis or diabetes are causes of weak erection in older men because these conditions block blood flow to the penis.

Many elderly men experience Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual dysfunction is a physical or psychological problem that prevents you or your partner from getting sexual satisfaction. As you reach the age of 50  or often earlier (among smokers and, or, diabetics) your erections may change. In some men, the process is gradual, while it happens more quickly in others. Either way, older men lose the ability to raise erections solely from sexual fantasies. You are suffering from sexual dysfunction if you experience any of the following during sex with your partner;
-Quick ejaculation (reaching orgasm too quickly)
-Erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting/keeping an erection or weak erection).
-Low libido (reduced interest in sex).
-Delayed ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all).
-Retrograde ejaculation

Nature’s Field Men’s Zone contains a blend of herbs and vitamins in capsule form to;

-1. Improve and sustain penis erection: The herbs in Men’s Zone help stimulate blood flow for your penis to become erect during sex.
-2. Increase libido: Cnidium and Epimedium Men’s Zone helps increase your libido naturally and boost sexual energy for men.
-3. Enhance sexual stamina and Vitality: Zinc combines with other herbs in Men’s Zone to help you last longer in bed and satisfy your woman.
-4. Increase sperm count and sperm motility: Tribulus fruit extract combined with a healthy diet improves sperm motility and sperm count as well as treat delayed ejaculation.
-5. Improves erectile function in men with high cholesterol: High cholesterol can damage your sexual performance and decreases your libido. With Nature’s Field Men’s Zone, you can still enjoy sex while managing high cholesterol.

With Nature’s Field Men’s Zone, you can improve your endurance and self-confidence during sex. It gives you bigger and harder erections.



2 capsules daily

10 reviews for Nature’s Field Men’s Zone

  1. Josh

    I want to find out if Men’s zone is a water-soluble supplement or fat-soluble. Thanks.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Josh, Men’s Zone is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. Is neither fat-soluble nor water-soluble

  2. Josh

    Okay, thanks for your response. So if it’s neither fat nor water soluble, what’s the direct implication in terms of absorption and how can we get the most out of it. I’m asking because their are a lot of articles on the Internet talking about the best time to take certain supplements, else the body wouldn’t be able to absorb most of the nutrients before converting them to waste and we pee it out.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Our products are made from natural materials; fruits, vegetables, and other plant extracts. No chemicals. That is why we are called Nature’s Field. The absorption rate is normal.

  3. Nato

    How long can one take tongra or men’s zone to start seeing effects.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      You start seeing the effects when you complete 1-2 packs and it depends on the severity of your condition.

  4. Josh

    Is it okay to have sex a few times during the treatment process or will it cause any issues?

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      If you are married, you can have sex. No problem

  5. Blessing

    Can men’s zone work for enlargement

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      No. it does not

  6. Benjamin Ukeje

    I want to find out the cure for a man who has been to the hospital and the doctor said he has no trace of sperm and as such cannot impregnant a woman

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      If your Doctor said you can not produce sperm. then you are suffering for Azospermia. We do not have any product for Azosprermia but we have a product, FERTIL SUPPORT MAN
      for oligospermia which is low sperm count

  7. Gabby

    What’s the difference between Men Zone and Tongra

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      There are different forms of erectile dysfunction and each sexual supplement helps to address the particular form of ED. Adam’s Desire helps to treat premature ejaculation in young men and Men’s zone does that for older men. Tongra is for sexual energy and stamina

  8. Davidson Ojo

    How is Men’s Zone to be taken? Is it before or after meals and can it be taken with another sexual enhanser safely? I am talking about drug interaction.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Pls, do NOT take Men’s Zone with other drugs or another enhancer. Men’s Zone is a natural supplement. you take it after meal.

  9. Emeka o.

    Am 35 I have diabetes n my sex drive has gone down … Which of the products is best for me

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Take Men’s Zone to help your sex life and You can also take Dia-K to help you promotes healthy blood sugar level and provides nutritional metabolic support.

  10. John

    Good evening pls I am an elderly man of 70, the problem is I have weak erection it can not last aot all and I need a child from my wife, some one told me to buy Adam’s desire after talking it I find it difficult to release pls which product is best for me

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Get This Men’s Zone and our Fertil Support man. Take 2 capsules of Fertil Support Man every morning and 2 capsules of Men’s Zone at night.

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