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Nature’s Field IMMUNE DEFENCE ADVANCE is a 7-in 1 formula that combines the most effective vitamins and natural ingredients to defend and support your immune system while promoting overall health.

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IMMUNE DEFENCE ADVANCE from Nature’s Field is a 7-in 1 formula that combines the most effective vitamins and natural ingredients to defend and support your immune system while promoting overall health. The vitamins and herbal extracts in Immune Defence Advance are renowned word-wide for their ability to boost the immune system and maintain optimal well-being. The constituents of this immune boosting supplement are scientifically proven to activate the immune system to fight against microbe (virus, bacterial and fungi). Immune Defence Advance contains vitamins which have potentials to inhibit replication of SARS-CoV 2 virus that causes COVID-19.  As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases,  there is need to boost your immune system as people with a robust immune system have the natural ability to fight back infections.

Seven (7) powerful immune boosting vitamins and natural ingredients in one tablet 

A tablet of Nature’s Field Immune Defence Advanced contains 7 unique and effective premium constituents that improves the quality of your life by boosting your immune system naturally:
-1. Vitamin C (1000mg): Vitamin C in Immune Defence Advanced combats free radicals and quickens wound healing. It also possess antiviral property and reduces the risk associated with upper respiratory tract infections (RTI).
-2. Zinc (50mg):  As Zinc oxide, it boosts immune functions, act as an active agent against H1N1 influenza and inhibits SARS-coronavirus RNA polymerase by suppressing its replication.
-3. Vitamin D3 (2000iu): Vitamin D3 possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property and inhibits over-expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines. A very good therapeutic agent for acute respiratory tract infections (ARTIs), induces antimicrobial peptides like cathelicidin and defensins that to improve innate cellular immunity.
-4. Selenium (50 mcg): Selenium in Immune Defence Advance possesses antioxidant property and boost immune functions.
-5. Olive leaf extract (25mg): Olive Leaf possesses antimicrobial properties and cardioprotective effects.
-6. Beta-glucan (35mg): Beta-glucan activates your body’s non-specific immune system response.
-7. Elderberry (25mg): Elderberry treats common symptoms related to cold, feverish conditions, coughing, nasal congestions, sore throats, mucous discharge and influenza. It also strengthen your immune system.

The Amazing Health Benefits: Why you need Immune Defence Advance   

COVID-19 is responsible for at least 3 million excess deaths in 2020. As of 31 December 2020, COVID-19 had infected over 82 million people and more than 1.8 million worldwide have died as a result of the virus.  In addition to observing non-pharmaceutical measures, you and your family members need a very effective immune booster like Immune Defence Advance to protect you against COVID-19.  The amazing benefits of Natures Field Immune Defence Advance include:
-Management and prevention of Covid-19
-Suitable Immuno-compromised patients or people with impaired immune system
-Beneficial for post surgical operation patients
-A very effective Immune Booster for Adults and the Elderly
-Immune Defence Advanced helps to reduces risk of contracting acute respiratory tract infection
-Promotes growth of beneficial intestinal microflora which improves good colon health



1 tablet daily

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  1. Sunday

    I already have nature’s field Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, zinc 100mg and healthy you men formula.
    Do I still need this immune defense advance?

  2. Sunday

    You have it as Zinc oxide which is not easily absolved?

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