Negative effects of malaria on fertility and pregnancy

It can be very frustrating and limiting when you are down with malaria and have to stay in bed. You can find this inconvenient especially when you have a big project at work or school and don’t want to deal with taking malaria drugs or being ill. Well, you are not alone in this plight. 

However, apart from the inconvenience and the immune-weakening effect of malaria, did you know that malaria can have a serious effects on your fertility and pregnancy? There is no better platform than this World Malaria Day to make you aware of this less common effect of malaria your reproductive health. 


When a man has high-grade fever during malaria, he can suffer from severe azoospermia (no quantifiable level of sperm is in the semen), necrozoospermia (sperm in semen is either immobile or dead), or oligospermia (low sperm count). This is because the process of sperm production is affected by recurrent attacks of malaria since it is a temperature-sensitive process. 


For women, the effects of malaria on pregnancy and fertility includes increasing the risk of miscarriages. The risk is greater in pregnant women at the early stages as it can also lead to the development of placental malaria (the placenta is an organ that regulates the exchange and passage of substances between the blood of the fetus and the maternal blood). This placenta malaria occurs when the malaria parasite that has invaded the red blood cells adheres to the placental receptors. This triggers inflammation in the placenta and subsequent damage, causing harm to both mother and child. Malaria in pregnancy can also cause low birth weight, abortions, and even premature delivery. Abortion due to malaria can lead to long-term infertility in women. 

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. This also comes into play when it comes to malaria. It is better to avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellent creams especially when you go out. You should also use an insecticide-treated net in the home. Most of all, go for an immune fortifier, carefully produced with the best ingredients to boost your immunity and help it naturally fight malaria and other diseases. This can be achieved using NATURE’S FIELD IMMUNE DEFENCE ADVANCE

Remember the fight against malaria starts with you as this is the time to deliver zero malaria with the help of NATURE’S FIELD IMMUNE DEFENCE ADVANCE. 

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