How sugar does affect a man sexually, explained

These days, more men suffer from decreased sex drive and some of the major culprits are what they eat. It’s no news that sugar does affect a man’s sexual health negatively but ever wondered how? Well, here are 5 ways how sugar does affect a man, sexually. Here are some ways sugar is negatively affecting you sexually;

  1. Sugar can make you tired: Your blood sugar level goes up when you take a sugary food or drink. This leads to excessive production of insulin by the pancreas to control the blood sugar level. A significant drop in sugar level disrupts the neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) in your brain combined with disrupted hormones resulting in fatigue. Although you must’ve been advised at some point to take a sugary drink or food for energy, the mechanism behind it is contrary to the popular belief.
  2. Excessive sugar is converted to fats: A rise in insulin due to excess sugar in the body blocks leptin (a hormone that signals to us when we should stop eating). Insulin blocks leptin because it tells your fat cells to store energy which translates to weight gain. This fat can be released into the bloodstream which is a risk factor for diabetes and obesity. Either way, these conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  3. Sugar causes yeast infection: You must’ve heard of yeast infection in women. However, did you know that too much sugar can also cause yeast infections in men? This condition in men is called penile yeast infection and can mostly occur in diabetic men. This can affect sexual activity since it can worsen the condition.
  4. Sugar encourages the production of stress hormones: Increased stress levels as a result of excessive sugar consumption can cause your body to produce cortisol which is the stress hormone. Too much cortisol in your body decreases libido.
  5. Lowers testosterone levels: Indulging in a diet full of sugar can lead to lower testosterone levels. This in turn causes erectile dysfunction and reduces sex drive.


When you have consistently high levels of sugar in your blood, it can cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels. This can affect the absorption of glucose from the blood. This decreases the flow of blood making it difficult for you to have an erection. Imagine this combined with high blood pressure and low testosterone; this is the perfect recipe for sexual disaster.


1. Watch out for stress:

Stress and anxiety play a significant role in a man’s sex drive. When someone is experiencing stress, his body becomes tense with strained muscles, an inflamed heart, and blood vessels. When all these occur, the body struggles to produce sperm and testosterone.

2. Go for super supplements:

This is an easier way to boost your sex drive and put an end to constantly worrying about sexual enhancement. There is no better way to achieve this than to go for Nature’s Field Adam’s DesireThis is a reliable and trusted quality supplement, naturally sourced that helps to boost the body’s natural abilities without subjecting it to any adverse effects that are commonly associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

3. Practice moderation in your lifestyle: 

Moderation is vital to healthy living. This includes sugary and starchy food intake and alcohol as these can negatively influence your sex drive. Smoking also affects the flow because it causes blood vessels to narrow and this includes those in the sexual organs.

4. Get enough quality sleep: 

Sleep affects different areas of your life including your sex drive. You can improve your sleep habits by limiting caffeine intake and time spent in front of the TV at night, regular exercise, and going to bed at a consistent time at night.

Societal norms and social media lead a lot of people to believe that they should be

ready to have sex at any given time. In reality, it certainly isn’t the case for everyone. You should know that having a lower libido than other people is not a groundbreaking problem. The methods listed are available to try and also includes eating a nutritious diet and reducing anxiety. However, you should know that going for Nature’s Field Adam’s Desire is the surest way to ease your worries permanently.


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