Foods that can weaken your immune system

Excessive consumption of unhealthy foods can weaken the immune system and prevent it from functioning properly. Our immune system helps to defend the body against infections. Keeping your immune system in shape, helps keep you healthy and protect your body from diseases. The foods you consume on a daily basis plays a big role when it comes to keeping your immune system functional but when you consume some unhealthy foods, it can cause havoc to your immune system. Here are foods you might not be aware of that can keep your immune system from doing its job:


Excessive consumption of foods high in sugar or refined carbohydrate can weaken your immune system. Did you know that sugar causes zinc to be excreted from the kidneys? This is called hyperzincuria. Also, excess sugar impairs the absorption of zinc. This is why diabetics have low zinc levels in their body.


This is a popular staple especially in this part of the world. However, bread is the main culprit in suppressing the immune system and can also contribute to inflammation and insulin resistance.


You must’ve seen a lot of different “natural” fruit juice advertised online and even in supermarkets. Most of the time, these juices tagged natural are laced with artificial sugars which have been linked to diabetic risk, cardiovascular issues, obesity and even cancer risk.


Bananas, and also other unripe fruits and vegetables contain a protein called lectin. This protein can disrupt the absorption of nutrients and affect the production of microorganisms that live in your gut which perform a lot of functions in the body. This can inturn weaken your gut intestinal wall and make you susceptible to diseases.


Steady intake of beer and other alcoholic drinks can cause your immune system more harm than good. Chronic alcohol intake interferes with the normal functioning of the adaptive immune response. Alcohol also increases cortisol (stress hormone), blood sugar and insulin which can negatively affect the immune system.


It can weaken your immune system because it contains a high level of saturated fat which can increase blood cholesterol.


Most of us are addicted to fried foods as it is the most easily available option that is also delicious. However, chips and other fried foods are the immune system’s nightmare. This is because they are high in salt which can contribute to immune deficiencies and dangerous to hypertensive patients.



Taking a supplement that contains powerful natural ingredients such as NATURE’S FIELD IMMUNE DEFENCE comprises of all these natural constituents which helps to boost your immune system.

LIFESTYLE IMPROVEMENT: When you live a stressful life, it induces production of cortisol (a stress hormone). High levels of cortisol lowers the ability to fight infections. Always adapt the habit of good lifestyle like enough sleep, regular exercise and consumption of healthy foods.

You must be wondering what else is left if the above foods can harm the immune system. Well, the key message is portion control while eating these foods. You can also support your immune system with NATURE’S FIELD IMMUNE DEFENCE and don’t worry about a weak immunity no matter how busy your daily life is.

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