Diseases of the liver: Silent killers you should be aware of

Your liver performs a lot of functions that help to keep you healthy. This organ helps to filter out toxins, convert nutrients into chemicals needed by the body, etc. Due to the functions performed by the liver, you should know the life-threatening liver diseases and what you can do to ensure that this organ is working optimally and is free from these diseases.

  1. VIRAL HEPATITIS: This is an infection that causes liver inflammation or damage. 5 major viruses can cause hepatitis and these are A, B, C, D, and E. In as much as they all cause liver disease, they differ in various forms. These include; means of transmission, the severity of the illness, the particular group of people they affect the most, and preventive measures one can take. Specifically, the mode of transmission of hepatitis B and C is by blood. They can lead to chronic diseases in humans such as liver cancer, chronic liver disease, etc.
  2. FATTY LIVER DISEASE: This is the buildup of fat in the liver. There are 2 types of fatty liver disease. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is when you just have fat deposits without any damage in your liver. However, if you have fat in your liver plus inflammation and damaged liver cells, the disease is known as Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Health Practitioners call it a silent liver disease because you can have it for a long time without knowing. Not until the liver is almost destroyed before it shows up in a blood test. Hence, it can lead to serious health issues in life and can even lead to total liver damage.
  3. INHERITED LIVER DISORDERS: As the name implies, this occurs when and if it runs in your family. This is a silent killer because this group of liver disorders can lead to life-threatening conditions. These conditions include heart disease, chronic liver disease, kidney failure, and even psychiatric problems. These disorders include; Wilson’s disease (buildup of copper in your liver and other organs), hemochromatosis (accumulation of too much iron from your food), etc.

As we mark World liver day, you need to be vigilant and do a regular liver checkup. This helps to reduce the risk of developing these diseases. Cleansing the liver of toxins that can cause damage to it, is one thing we recommend. This is to ensure its proper functioning. You can do this using a natural supplement that contains Milk thistle seed extract as this helps to prevent insulin resistance which is the major cause of fatty liver disease.

This vital ingredient is present in NATURE’S FIELD L & K CLEANSER amongst other constituents, to cleanse your liver and kidney and ensure optimal functioning.

In addition to this, you should limit alcohol intake and over-the-counter drug use. Also, reduce saturated fat intake and eat more leafy vegetables. These modifications coupled with a strong, US-made liver detox supplement such as L & K CLEANSER will help improve your overall liver function and limit your risk of developing serious liver issues.

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