A Hereditary Kidney Disease That Can Affect the Brain You Need to Be Aware Of!

Your kidneys are powerful factories that perform a variety of critical functions in the body. This includes the removal of waste products, control of the production of red blood cells, release of hormones that regulate blood pressure, etc. These life-sustaining functions are why you should ensure your kidneys are in top shape.

However, did you know that some kidney diseases can be passed on from one generation to another? The worst part is that this inherited kidney disease can progress to chronic kidney disease, leading to kidney failure with cardiovascular complications. It can also affect the brain. This inheritable kidney disease is none other than polycystic kidney disease.

What is Polycystic Kidney Disease?

This is a condition characterized by the presence of multiple cysts in the kidney, which can affect its function. If undetected, this condition can lead to end-stage renal failure. Unfortunately, early detection of this disease is rare, as there are no obvious signs. However, if you experience abdominal or back pain or blood in your urine, ensure you go to a hospital as soon as possible.

What Are the Risk Factors?

Being an inherited disease, the major risk factor is family history. Other risk factors include:

  • Hypertension
  • Kidney infection
  • Age
  • Kidney stone
  • Gender: This condition is more common in men than in women.

How Does Polycystic Kidney Disease Affect the Brain?

Polycystic Kidney disease can affect the brain and lead to a condition called aneurysm. This is a bulge or weakening in the blood vessel walls of your body. This includes the blood vessels that channel blood to the brain. Aneurysms can rupture, which can lead to internal bleeding and eventually death.

How Can You Protect Your Kidneys?

It is often difficult to notice kidney problems until they sadly become too late. Therefore, if you notice any unusual changes in your urine, such as skin itchiness, swollen ankles and feet, poor appetite, etc., you should consult a medical professional.

Here are some tips to protect your kidneys and avoid the development of kidney complications:

  1. Stay well-hydrated.
  2. Protect your kidneys by managing your blood pressure.
  3. Eat a low-salt diet and maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Consider kidney detoxification: Although your kidneys and liver do a great job of detoxification, the fact is that this job can become overwhelming and wear out your kidneys. Therefore, get a helping hand with NATURE’SFIELD L&K CLEANSER to enhance your kidney functions and maintain them in the best condition possible.

On this World Kidney Day, you should take note of the fact that your kidneys play invaluable roles in your body. Also, early detection of kidney problems and ensuring optimal kidney health are vital to your overall health. Therefore, to constantly keep your kidneys healthy, take the time to monitor your overall health and make smart lifestyle choices such as incorporating NATURE’SFIELD L & K CLEANSER in your daily routine.

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