6 surprising facts about female sexual dysfunction

There has been and still a lot of attention on male sexual performance. A quick online survey shows a lot of solutions for male erectile dysfunction. You may not even have heard of female sexual dysfunction before. Perhaps, this is because a lot of women are hesitant and bashful to discuss this issue. Here are some interesting facts about female sexual dysfunction that you may not have known before;

  1. There are different types of female sexual disorders:

    female sexual dysfunction comes in different forms such as penetration disorder, orgasmic disorder, arousal disorder, postpartum, and pregnancy-related sexual dysfunction. All these have causes and treatment options. The first step is to identify the one about you.

  2. Having one female sexual arousal disorder can often lead to another one:

    This implies that having an arousal disorder can ultimately lead to problems with reaching orgasm. Also, pregnancy-related sexual dysfunction can lead to a lack of sexual interest.

  3. Female sexual dysfunction is quite common: 

    This is more common than you think. Although a lot of women choose to ignore it as it sometimes resolves on its own especially if it is not persistent. The main problem lies with persistent sexual dysfunction.

  4. There are risk factors that can lead to female sexual disorder:

    these risk factors include; high blood pressure medications and antidepressants, diabetes, alcoholism, etc.

  5. Female sexual dysfunction has been associated with psychiatric disorders:

    As shocking as this might sound, psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, have been linked to the development of sexual dysfunction in women. This is because sexual dysfunction can cause emotional or psychological stress which in turn can trigger these mental health conditions.

  6. Lack of testosterone can cause sexual dysfunction in women: 

    Did you know that women rely on testosterone for the same reasons that men do? This means that testosterone is also essential for a healthy libido. This hormone also helps to channel blood flow to the vagina. So, lack of it can affect sensitivity and lubrication invariably leading to a less exciting and painful sexual experience.


Sexual health is of critical importance to the overall health and quality of life for women. Women should understand that sexual health is a natural expectation and that sexual concerns deserve attention. Therefore, instead of worrying about it, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do to boost your sex drive. These include;

  1. Sleep: notice you always feel grumpy when you don’t sleep? Well, it can also affect your sex drive. Sleep also helps reduce your stress levels. Hence, get enough sleep and see yourself energized, your mood improved and your sex drive boosted.
  2. Go for EVE’S DESIRE: This NATURE’S FIELD product is the all-in-one solution to sexual dysfunction ranging from low libido to vaginal dryness. Eve’s Desire is the modern secret to rejuvenating your libido and opening the path for sexual enjoyment.
  3. De-stress yourself and eat healthily: it is no surprise that stress negatively affects your libido. Therefore, endeavor to find ways to unwind and relax. A healthy diet is also a plus to your sex drive as well as healthy habits such as exercise.
  4. Limit alcohol and quit smoking: Smoking and excessive alcohol intake affects your sex drive.

It is never a nice feeling to know that something is wrong with you or that something is holding you back from having a better sexual experience. Be on the positive side as sexual dysfunction is something that can be improved on without stress. With the help of NATURE’S FIELD EVE’S DESIRE, you will discover that you can have a healthy sex drive without necessarily being a seductress.


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