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8 myths vs facts about creatine supplement you should know!

Even if you’re not a gym enthusiast, you must’ve heard or seen something about creatine monohydrate supplement in relation to muscle building (if you haven’t, now you know). However, this amino acid has other incredible benefits particularly in the brain. Click this link to find out what creatine does in the brain

There are some misconceptions about creatine we’re going to clarify in this article. You will also understand why it deserves a place in your stash of nutritional supplements today. These myths include;

MYTH 1- Taking creatine will make me muscular immediately.

FACT-When it comes to building muscles, there are no shortcuts, even with creatine. When taken by itself, creatine doesn’t cause muscle bulking. Rather, muscle strength is gradually built during high-resistance training or exercise.

MYTH 2- Creatine causes kidney damage.

FACT- To debunk this myth, you should first understand the difference between creatine and creatinine. Creatine is an amino acid produced by the body for muscle activity and energy. Creatinine is the waste product of creatine breakdown that is removed by the kidneys. Thus, creatine on its own does not cause kidney damage.

MYTH 3-Creatine causes baldness

FACT- A metabolite of testosterone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the culprit behind hair loss and baldness. Since creatine does not increase the levels of testosterone, it doesn’t cause baldness.

MYTH 4- All types of creatine are the same.

FACT-This isn’t true, as not all forms of creatine are easily absorbed by the body. Creatine monohydrate is by far the best form of creatine. This is because it is not only identical to the creatine produced by your liver, kidneys, and pancreas, but it also increases water content in the muscles and is safer and more affordable. NATURE’S FIELD CREATINE MONOHYDRATE supplement provides all of these advantages and more.

MYTH 5- Only men can take creatine

FACT-Did you know that women have lower levels of creatine in the brain? Also, creatine supplementation can help improve traumatic brain injury and depression. This implies that creatine monohydrate can be taken by women too.

MYTH 6- Creatine is harmful to adolescents

FACT-Creatine doesn’t cause harm in adolescents, as it can also improve their brain conditions.

MYTH 7-Creatine increases fat mass

FACT-Creatine doesn’t increase fat mass. Rather, it improves endurance during exercise and fat-free muscle mass.

MYTH 8- I  will lose muscle mass once I stop taking creatine.

FACT- Your muscles may look smaller when you stop taking creatine, as it adds water volume to your muscles. Nevertheless, your muscle mass will not decrease as long as you continue to exercise and maintain your muscles at the gym.

Now that we’ve dispelled the myths about creatine supplement, you can take your workout or brain health to a higher level. Try NATURE’S FIELD CREATINE MONOHYDRATE supplement available in powder or capsule form for your convenience and see the benefits for yourself.

An additional plus to using creatine monohydrate is that since creatine pulls water into your muscles. Thus, it is a fantastic way to hydrate your body while enjoying other benefits.

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