L-arginine benefits

What you don’t know about L-Arginine!

Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid; that is, it is produced in your body normally. However, when your body is overwhelmed with stress or you get older, your need for arginine increases as a result. 

This amino acid is best known for its role in blood circulation. Consequently, this is why it helps in the management of high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. If you would love to know how L-arginine helps with erectile dysfunction, click on this link https://www.naturesfieldng.com/2023/06/22/how-l-arginine-helps-with-erectile-dysfunction/

Here are some rarely-known but important facts or benefits about L-arginine you should know:

  1.  It can help with neuropathy:

    Diabetic neuropathy is a complication associated with diabetes. It occurs as a result of damage to the blood vessels that supply blood to your legs. It is associated with intense pain and numbness in the legs. Arginine has an incredible effect as it opens up your blood vessels that supply the nerves. This increases oxygen supply to the nerves so the nerves can heal themselves.

  2.  It is the only precursor of nitric oxide:

    Nitric oxide is an important chemical that helps open up your blood vessels to improve blood flow. Arginine is the only precursor of this vital chemical; without arginine, nitric oxide cannot be made in the body. This is why arginine helps in the management of high blood pressure, hypertension, and peripheral artery disease.

  3. Arginine can help improve the symptoms of sickle cell patients:

     Sickle cell disease affects the red blood cells and their ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. Arginine metabolism is disturbed in sickle cell disease since arginine plays a vital role in the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow.

    Due to the interaction between the availability of arginine and levels of nitric oxide in your body, low levels of arginine lead to oxidative stress and disrupted vascular function. Hence, arginine is essential in sickle cell disease.

  4. Arginine increases the secretion of insulin:

    Arginine increases the amount of insulin released by the pancreas when you consume a high-carbohydrate meal. This results in better control of blood sugar levels, as more insulin will reduce the spike in blood sugar levels.

And there you have it! These rare facts or benefits as shown above highlights the crucial importance of L-arginine in your body. What is the best way to ensure you meet the needed levels of arginine in the body? Supplementing with NATURE’S FIELD ARGININE will help fill any gaps in your protein deficiency.

Add NATURE’S FIELD ARGININE to your supplement routine and enjoy the cardiovascular protective effects of this versatile amino acid.

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