dangerous type of cholesterol

A dangerous type of high cholesterol you should know!

You may have heard about cholesterol, especially the bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and the good cholesterol known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

However, cholesterol is not the villain because your liver produces 75% of your total cholesterol level. Both HDL and LDL cholesterol perform vital functions in your body. LDL cholesterol takes the cholesterol from the liver, deposits it in the blood, and then sends it to the rest of your body, while HDL cholesterol takes care of the excess cholesterol and brings it back to the liver.

Now that you know the basics, a dangerous type of cholesterol can be inherited. This type of cholesterol also affects your liver function. This type of high cholesterol is called familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).


This condition plays a trick on your liver as it convinces it that your body is not getting enough cholesterol. This makes the liver produce more cholesterol, thus, signaling the intestine to absorb more cholesterol than needed because of this deceitful scarcity.

This makes it very difficult for people with FH to reduce their cholesterol levels. This is because the liver is constantly producing cholesterol. Hence, this genetic disorder increases and worsens high cholesterol levels. It is dangerous as it increases the risk of having a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases at a young age.



Familial hypercholesterolemia isn’t just a long and fancy name. The frightful truth is that more people have undiagnosed FH than you think. Also, undiagnosed FH can mean early heart disease for some people, even children.

Since the liver is where cholesterol is broken down, liver damage or liver-related conditions are common in people with high cholesterol. Fortunately, there is so much you can do to control your cholesterol levels and ensure your liver is protected. These are;

  • Lifestyle modification: This involves regular exercise, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and eating a healthy diet low in carbohydrates. You should also learn about your family’s history of high cholesterol. This will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle to manage cholesterol levels.
  • Use of a supplement: A dietary supplement such as NATURE’S FIELD CHOLESDEFENCE contains red yeast extract, which can help you manage cholesterol levels and avoid cardiovascular diseases. This is because red yeast extract works like statins without the side effects.
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight: This is one of the simplest ways to manage high cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of other health conditions.

Managing your cholesterol levels is not only essential for your health but also for your present and future generations, who are at risk of inheriting high cholesterol levels. Generally, many people do not know they are at risk because there are often no symptoms of high cholesterol. By the time symptoms appear, you are already in danger of having a cardiovascular problem.

Adding NATURE’S FIELD CHOLESDEFENCE to your supplement routine, coupled with lifestyle changes, is the real game-changer for your heart and liver health.

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