symptoms of prediabetes

8 indicators of pre-diabetes you must avoid

You would agree with me that pre-diabetes is quite sneaky. It can come with symptoms similar to different health conditions, and at other times it might not have symptoms. Therefore, the following are some symptoms of prediabetes that you might not have thought of but should avoid:

First, let’s start with a brief review of pre-diabetes and diabetes.


Pre-diabetes means when your blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to become diabetic. Diabetes, on the other hand, occurs either when your body stops producing insulin entirely and can’t regulate blood sugar (Type 1) or when your body doesn’t use insulin properly and is unable to regulate your blood sugar (Type 2).

Unfortunately, people are walking around with undiagnosed pre-diabetes and diabetes because the symptoms of prediabetes can be overlooked or mistaken for something else.

Hence, these indicators imply that it’s time to visit a hospital and run some tests. They include;

  1. Blurred vision:

     Increased glucose levels in the bloodstream can lead to a buildup of fluid in the lens of your eyes causing blurry vision.

  2. Increased weakness:

     When you’re prediabetic, your body may not produce enough insulin or is resistant to insulin. Therefore, your cells will not be able to absorb the required amount of glucose, which results in a lack of energy and weakness you may be feeling.

  3. Never satisfied after meals: 

    Do you always feel peckish after meals? This could imply that your insulin receptors are not functioning optimally, so glucose cannot enter your cells and be utilized. 

  4. Excessive thirst:

     When there is an increase in your blood sugar levels, water is pulled from your cells to dilute the excess glucose in the blood. This is the cause of an increased feeling of dehydration and an urge to drink a lot of water.

  5. Achy joints: 

    This is usually associated with arthritis. However, progressive degeneration of the joints indicating pre-diabetes can make you lose sensation in the affected joints. This condition called the Charcot joint, causes joint deterioration because of nerve damage.

  6. Slow healing of wounds:

     When your blood sugar levels are high, it causes your blood to thicken, which implies that blood doesn’t flow freely throughout your body. Blood flow and circulation are required for wound healing to occur. Therefore, when blood circulation is impaired, it can take longer for a cut or bruise to heal.

  7. Patches of dark skin: 

    Excess insulin can cause the skin cells to multiply at a fast rate. In people who produce more melanin, this results in patches of skin that are darker than the surrounding skin because of increased melanin production. This is a common indicator of insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.

  8. Increase in yeast infections: 

    Glucose is like fuel for yeast. So the more glucose is available, the more yeast can multiply and cause infections in your body.

Diabetes isn’t a disease that goes away just like that since it is a risk factor that propels the onset of other health conditions. Therefore, avoid these symptoms of prediabetes and go for NATURE’S FIELD DIA-K to ensure your blood sugar is under control.

Your blood sugar levels can affect how your body feels and functions. That’s why stable blood glucose levels can be an important factor in supporting your well-being. With NATURE’S FIELD DIA-K, you’ll be able to avoid or eliminate these prediabetic symptoms and make lifestyle choices that support healthy living.


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