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7 silent signs of cancer

Everyone believes they are immune to cancer until it happens to them, a family member, or a friend. Unfortunately, the scariest part of cancer for people is going for long periods unaware that they have it until it becomes hard to control or manage. So, the main question is: are there truly warning signs of cancer? Some silent signs indicate cancer, especially if these signs are persistent and you’ve tried different treatments to no avail. These signs include:

  1. Unhealing sores on your body:

     There is a common belief that sores (called fever blisters, which are caused by a virus) around the month imply that malaria is “in your body”. However, when the sores refuse to heal completely, it could mean something more severe, like mouth cancer.

  2. Blood in stool, urine, and nose:

     There are a variety of reasons why there could be blood in your stool, urine, and nose. It could indicate hemorrhoids, kidney stones, or problems with your sinuses. Did you know that blood in urine can also be indicative of kidney and prostate cancer? Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore this sign.

  3. Persistent fever and cough:

     Fever is the body’s response to infection or illness, while cough is common and usually goes away after a while. When these two common signs persist, it could imply different types of cancer. These include lung cancer, leukemia, and kidney and liver cancers.

  4. Persistent indigestion and heartburn:

     Persistent indigestion is not a ticket for you to stock up on antacids. Lingering indigestion and heartburn no matter what you eat should be a concern to you. Although occasional indigestion after eating some types of food is common, when it persists, it can be a result of stomach cancer.

  5. Bone pain:

     This doesn’t always have to do with arthritis but can be a warning sign of bone cancer that needs urgent attention. High calcium levels that can be detected during blood tests is also a sign of multiple cancers.

  6. Mysterious pain:

    Sometimes you know you hurt yourself when you accidentally trip over a stone or get bruised with a sharp object. When you don’t know where the pain is coming from but you feel it all the time, it is suggestive of cancer in any part of your body that needs to be checked out.

  7. Change in the appearance of fingernails:

     You probably didn’t know that even your fingernails could tell you something is wrong with your body. Having blue, black, or brown lines under your nails could indicate skin cancer, possibly a severe form.

These silent signs in no way imply that you run to the hospital every chance you get, but that you listen to what your body might be trying to tell you before it becomes serious. You should also know that cancer thrives on sugar and lifestyle modification is also essential. 

Early detection is a key weapon against these diseases and helps control their progression. A lot of people frown at cancer treatment because of the stigma attached to it. This treatment is a necessary evil and shouldn’t be avoided when you need it. Therefore, don’t keep putting off annual screenings and checkups where cancers can be detected, and stay your healthiest on this World Lung Cancer Day.

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