STD that can cause hepatitis

Do you know of an STD that can lead to hepatitis? Here’s one that can!

People are generally terrible at thinking about their health until something really bad happens. As dreadful as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are, some people still neglect to treat them as long as the discomfort associated with them has subsided. However, what you don’t know is that you’re treading on dangerous waters if you do this because there’s an STD that can affect your liver and cause hepatitis B, which can be life-threatening. Let’s first understand the basics of hepatitis B.


Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver that can cause inflammation and gradual deterioration of the liver, especially if it becomes chronic. It may come with or without symptoms, both in the acute and chronic stages. Typical symptoms can include fever, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, joint pain, etc. Other symptoms can include yellowing of the skin, dark urine, and swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles.


You may have heard of syphilis, one of the sexually transmitted diseases caused by a bacterium. This disease starts as a sore called a chancre in the mouth, anus, or rectum. Since it is painless and heals on its own, most people don’t notice the sore initially. However, syphilis, known as the great imitator, truly lives up to its name as it can disseminate to any organ in your body, including the liver. It can damage the liver, which leads to a condition called syphilitic hepatitis. This can cause serious health complications, including complete liver failure and death.


Syphilitic hepatitis is often misdiagnosed and unrecognized because it can come with a lot of symptoms similar to those of other conditions. So, to avoid this condition, you should:

  • Ensure you test for and treat any sexually transmitted infection once you notice the symptoms, so it doesn’t affect your vital organs or progress into other health conditions.
  • Get vaccinated against Hepatitis B to prevent getting this infection.
  • Take measures to improve the function of your liver, as it is a natural cleaning mechanism for your body all day and night. Just like a car engine needs good-quality fuel to function properly, so does your liver. The great news is that there is an easy way to detoxify your liver. NATURE’S FIELD L&K CLEANSER is the answer.

Did you know that by detoxifying your liver, you are detoxifying the rest of your body as well? As the liver converts toxic compounds into harmless ones, it’s normal for some toxins to be present in the liver, as this is where natural detoxification takes place.

A good and effective detox, such as NATURE’S FIELD L& K CLEANSER, does not only improve your liver function but also helps your body properly utilize nutrients, which, when accompanied by consuming nutritious foods, helps all your other organs function optimally.


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