Signs of stress and stress management

9 subtle signs that you’re overworked and stressed

Overworking is working beyond the normal limits of time. It’s normal to hustle to make ends meet, but pushing yourself to the limit can lead to mental and physical breakdowns. You must know the subtle signs that show that you’re overworking yourself, as this might lead to unexpected health deterioration and conditions. These signs of stress are:

  1. You make careless mistakes: 

    This is the number 1 sign of stress. If you’re normally a careful and calm person, and suddenly you notice that you make avoidable mistakes, this implies that something might be wrong. These mistakes can include forgetting your phone in a taxi, losing your cool in traffic, scratching someone’s car, etc.

  2. You take everything personally:

     If you get emotional or overly sensitive in any conflict or reprimand from your boss, you may be overdoing it with work. You might even be thinking of resigning without any future plans or a valid reason. Take some time off and evaluate your next decision before you make it.

  3. Difficulty sleeping:

    Your sleep patterns may be disrupted by stress. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restless nights, it could be a sign that your body needs a break.

  4. Going back to a bad habit:

    If you find yourself smoking or engaging in bad habits you had previously successfully overcome, your stress level might be getting dangerously high and you are overworked.

  5. Difficulty concentrating on tasks: 

    The effects of burnout are insidious. When brain fog and a lack of focus become the norm in your life, this is a major red flag that something is off. When you’re overworked, your ability to focus suffers.

  6. Deteriorating physical health: 

    The impact of overworking will manifest as physical discomforts, whether your brain acknowledges it or notIncreased stress levels caused by overworking often lead to signs that may seem insignificant initially. You may ignore recurring headaches, muscle aches, or ulcer pains. However, in the long term, these signs can lead to worsening health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, etc.

  7. Flat dreams: 

    If you used to revel in the creative abilities in your dreams, especially if you are trying to resolve a work-related or family problem, and all of a sudden, nothing seems to matter, this is a sign of burnout.

  8. You reject good opportunities: 

    If you feel like it’s hard enough to cope with your job responsibilities, the prospect of getting a better offer or networking at a party seems like it’s too much to handle. You might procrastinate and give less than your best to avoid losing that familiar sense of identity and not have to shoulder anything else. This is more than your introverted nature at work; you might be overworked.

  9. Impatience and self-neglect: 

    You finally decide to get a medical checkup, but you’re impatient and drum your fingers in the doctor’s office and wish the time away so you can go back to work. This is not normal. You also neglect taking care of yourself, indulge in unhealthy eating and don’t exercise at all. our gut tells you something is wrong, but denial rules, and you put the job first.


Continuing to live in an overworked state is detrimental to your health. Having identified these signs of stress, you need to work towards breaking this cycle. To break the cycle, you need to:

  • Find ways to relax and learn to say no.
  • Create a work moderation plan geared towards achieving work-life balance.
  • Don’t let your stress level go through the roof; manage IT with NATURE’S FIELD STRESS DEFENCE naturally formulated to promote relaxation.
  • Eat healthy, and don’t starve yourself unnecessarily.

The main thing you should understand is that working hard doesn’t mean you’re productive. Working beyond your limit can lead to less productivity and serious health issues. No matter how great you are at your job, no one is irreplaceable. So, manage your stress levels with NATURE’S FIELD STRESS DEFENCE and start working smart, not hard.


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