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10 surprising facts about erections all men should know

No one anticipates to ever develop erectile dysfunction. Hence, it is normal to get embarrassed when you have this problem. Erectile dysfunction can make you feel frustrated and anxious. However, you should understand that it is normal to sometimes have difficulty getting an erection, especially if you’re tired, worried, or stressed. Where it becomes a problem is when erectile dysfunction becomes a constant occurrence. Hence, here’s a list of surprising facts about erections, erectile dysfunction and its causes you should know;


  1. The penis is not a muscle:

    The penis is not a muscle and won’t respond to any sort of treatment claimed to “strengthen penile muscles”. There are sponge-like chambers called corpora cavernosa present in the penis. These chambers gradually get filled up with blood when you’re aroused. Hence, healthy blood flow is vital for proper erectile health.

  2. Erections happen even while asleep:

     This has little to do with wet dreams, but rather with your nervous system. Nocturnal erection occurs due to activation of the areas in your brain responsible for stimulating the parasympathetic nerves (responsible for your body’s rest). The parasympathetic nerves cause the release of the neurotransmitters nitric oxide and acetylcholine, which signal your arteries to relax and allow more blood flow, resulting in an erection. As complicated as this might sound, just know that having an erection when you wake up is healthy.

  3. Shoe size or height is not a reliable prediction of erectile size: 

    Now, let’s lay this one to rest. There is no conclusive study which shows that shoe size or height can accurately predict penile length or size.

  4. Penile fracture is a real thing:

     Yes, although there aren’t any bones in the penis, it can be broken due to trauma or forceful bending of the penis.


  5. Some people increase significantly when erect compared to their flaccid length, while others remain the same as their normal flaccid length.
  6. Smoking can shrink the penis: 

    We all know about the negative effects of smoking, such as the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, etc. There is yet another reason to quit smoking: it can cause penis shrinkage. The toxic substances in cigarettes can damage the blood vessels. This is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction and can shrink the penile tissues.

  7. The penis cannot work alone to cause an erection: 

    Erection occurs due to a team effort with other parts of your body, such as the nerves, brain, blood vessels, and hormones. These work together to help you get and maintain an erection.

  8. Bad oral health can affect erectile function: 

    Skimping on good brushing habits doesn’t only cause you to have toothache and gum disease; it can also cause a deflated penis. This is because bad oral health can cause your gums to be inflamed. Chronic inflammation caused by gum disease can damage the endothelial cells that form the lining of your blood vessels, including those in your penis. This leads to impaired blood flow to the penis.

  9. Alcohol and drug use can cause erectile dysfunction:

    Other habits, such as alcohol and drug use, can also affect your erectile function. Some prescription drugs for enlarged prostates and anti-hypertensives has sides effects that can be regarded as one of the causes erectile dysfunction. Hard drugs like cocaine, cannabis, and so on can cause narrowing of the blood vessels, preventing blood from reaching the penis.

    10. Watching porn regularly can affect your ability to have an erection: 

    Compulsive use of pornography can lead to dissociation from real-life sexuality. Things that can induce arousal while watching porn may not apply in real life. This can lead to difficulty getting erections.

You may think that drugs like Viagra are the only solution to erectile dysfunction. However, other remedies are available, such as NATURE’S FIELD YOHIMBE. The one most likely to work well for you depends on the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction, medical history, and other factors.

A combination of healthy lifestyle habits will go a long way to improving not only your overall health but also your sexual health. Combining these with the help of NATURE’S FIELD YOHIMBE is a sure way to resolve your erectile issues and get your sex life back on track.

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