5 warning signs of brain tumor

5 unusual warning signs of brain tumor you shouldn’t ignore!

The mention of brain tumors sounds scary and is accompanied by a disapproving shrug of dismay by most people. Did you know that there are more than 120 different types of tumors that can develop in the brain? Unfortunately, it often comes as a surprise as you may not even notice that something might be wrong with your brain. Therefore, you should be aware of the unusual and warning signs that might come with a brain tumor;  

  1. Loose of interest in hobbies:

     Yes, you read that right. Wonder how? Well, when a tumor grows in the brain, it can put some pressure on some healthy cells there. A tumor can originate from the frontal lobe. This part of the brain is responsible for emotions, personality, and behavior. You can act strangely and even lose interest in your hobbies. A tumor can also grow in the pituitary gland which produces the major hormones and regulates vital functions in the body. This can cause extreme changes in personality, weight, and even puberty. 

  2. The extreme growth of hands and feet:

    Tumors affecting the pituitary gland can cause extreme growth surges in children and adults. Additionally, if you notice some sort of bulging on one side or any other unusual changes to your baby’s head shape, inform your medical practitioner as soon as possible. This is because this can be indicative of a brain tumor. 

  3. Blurry vision:

    If you notice that you frequently have blurry vision without any logical explanation, it could be a warning sign of a brain tumor. This is because a tumor in the brain can put pressure on the optic nerve which can drastically affect your vision. You may even notice that you bump into things and feel dizzy when you try to look at certain things. This happen when you lose sight out of the corner of your eyes. 

  4. Hearing voices:

     Hearing voices also known as auditory hallucinations is usually indicative of a mental health condition (or witchcraft if you are into superstitious belief). However, hearing random sounds or voices can be because of a brain tumor. This is especially suspected if the tumor is located in the part of the brain which processes sounds, understands languages and memory. This can also happen if the nerve which sends signals from the ear to the brain is affected. 

  5. Pain where you least expect:

     Sometimes, a tumor can make its presence known by causing pain in unexpected areas that might not even be a headache. One of the warning signs of a brain tumor can be pain in the tooth. This can occur when the brain tumor presses against the nerve responsible for the relay of sensation from the face to the brain. So, watch out for unexplained pains that are persistent. 

You should know that there is a myriad of symptoms associated with brain tumors. Therefore, don’t ignore warning signs that you think are irrelevant. Also, you shouldn’t self-diagnose without visiting a certified medical professional. This is because the only way you can be certain of your health status is by carrying out proper medical tests. These symptoms also depend on the part of the brain the tumor is positioned. 

However, if you are already diagnosed with this condition, don’t fret. Medical procedures are available and are evolving to enable you live a normal life with brain tumor. Be empowered and follow professional advice to ensure you get your life back. 

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