Difficulty getting pregnant after removing an IUD?

Difficulty getting pregnant after removing an IUD? Here’s why

Intrauterine Devices known as IUDs are T-shaped, small devices inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Removal of IUD typically takes a few minutes and you may wonder if getting pregnant after using it happens quickly too. Read on to find out all you need to know; including any possible side effects if you’re already using an IUD with plans of conception or considering using an IUD. 


There are two major types of intrauterine devices;

  1. Copper IUDs: This device is designed to release copper into your uterus which acts as a spermicide. This interferes with sperm’s movement and makes it more difficult for the sperm to reach an egg.
  2. Hormonal IUDs: This type of IUD works by slowly releasing small amounts of a hormone called progestin which is the artificial form of progesterone. This implies that progestin works like the body’s naturally occurring progesterone. Progestins help to prevent ovulation or the release of eggs from the ovary. This hormone also causes changes to the lining of the uterus and prevents it from supporting implantation for pregnancy. 


The fact is that you shouldn’t find it difficult to get pregnant after removing an IUD. However, there are top causes of difficulty in getting pregnant after the removal of IUDs which are;

  1. Infection: Women who had an IUD are more likely to get an infection compared to those who don’t. This mostly happens if proper hygiene was not observed during the insertion process. The bacteria can cause a deep infection if it enters the uterus and may also make it difficult for you to get pregnant after removing the IUD. Therefore, you should be treated with an effective antibiotic to control the infection before thinking about getting pregnant again.
  2. Emergency Contraception: A lot of women, after removing an IUD, use emergency contraception. It is not advisable as this drug has a very high hormonal content and is only used in emergencies. Since the drug inhibits ovulation, when a woman takes a lot of it, it can also suppress the ovaries. This makes it difficult to ovulate in order to get pregnant again. 
  3. Hormonal Imbalance: After the removal of IUDs, there is a delay in the production of progesterone which can cause hormonal imbalance. This in turn can affect fertility and the ability to get pregnant. 

    4.  Use of an IUD beyond its expiration date.  



After removing an IUD and you find it difficult to get pregnant, you aren’t alone. The first step is to consult a medical professional and run some tests. Also, you can support your fertility journey with NATURE’S FIELD FERTIL SUPPORT WOMAN. This fertility supplement will help you resolve hormonal imbalances and produce healthy eggs for fertilization. 

The risks associated with the use of IUDs can be confusing sometimes but it is not an impossible hurdle. You can overcome your fertility issue by having a plan which includes stress management, getting enough sleep and exercise, and using a high-quality, effective supplement like NATURE’S FIELD FERTIL SUPPORT WOMAN


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