Benefits of Supplements

Are there really any benefits of supplements even when you think you are healthy?

Before we delve into whether there are benefits of supplements to a healthy person or not, let’s define who a healthy person is. People have different perceptions of what being healthy means. It doesn’t just mean eating all the vegetables and fruits you can find in the market or exercising 24/7. A healthy person is someone that has great energy levels, gets enough sleep, has no inflammation in the body, and always has good digestion and functioning adrenals; in fact, has every organ working perfectly without a single ailment of any sort. You would agree with me that it is close to impossible to find someone like that. In reality, we all have one issue or another going on in our bodies known and unknown despite attempts to stay healthy. 

Your history of eating habits has a lot to do with your present health state. It is virtually a herculean task to always get the recommended daily intake of essential nutrients due to environmental toxicity, contaminated soil, and readily available foods which are not always healthy. Hence, you need supplements to balance those health needs especially if you are riddled with constant high-stress levels, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. This is why we always emphasize that the benefits of these health supplements should not be downplayed.


Apart from the essential nutrients you can benefit from supplements, another great reason you should start taking supplements is because of the amount of stress we encounter every day. Undisputedly as Nigerians, stress has become a normal part of most of our lives, from staying for hours in traffic to the incessant demands from work and children and dealing with economic hardship.  

When you have dangerously high levels of cortisol, this can be damaging and can cause serious health difficulties. Supplementing to improve and balance your adrenal function can help. 


NATURE’S FIELD offers a wide range of supplements with a plethora of benefits that is there to help you achieve your basic health needs with ease. Our HEALTHY YOU MEN AND WOMEN’S FORMULA contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and fruit extracts perfectly blended to provide you with all you need to stay healthy. 

If you find that you eat poorly, have achy muscles and joints, fall sick regularly, or have one health issue or the other that the hospital has become your second home, then you seriously need to consider supplementing. NATURE’S FIELD HEALTHY YOU MEN AND WOMEN’S FORMULA is the unique blend that will help alleviate these conditions and have you living your best life. 

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