L&K Cap (Liver & Kidney Cleanser)

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Liver & Kidney Cleanser eliminates harmful toxins from the liver, Kidneys as well as other vital organs of the body thereby maintaining healthy liver and Kidney tissues.

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L&K Cap formerly known as Liver & Kidney Cleanser from Nature’s Field promotes natural cleansing and detoxification of your body’s vital organs and help to eliminate harmful toxins. It also promotes liver function, bladder and kidney health. Nature’s Field L&K Cap (Liver & kidney Cleanser) contains contains Cranberry Extract and Milk Thistle Extract. It helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the liver thereby maintaining healthy liver and Kidney tissues. Your liver is one of the most important organs. It acts as your body’s natural filter. Your liver catches the “gunk” in your blood, removing toxins and wastes from your system. Your Kidneys play an important role in getting rid of excess waste, balancing electrolytes, and creating hormones.

Why you need Nature’s Field Liver & Kidney Cleanser

You need to start taking this supplement if you are involved in any of the following lifestyle or habits;
-1. Heavy Alcoholism: Excessive amount of alcohol reduces the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body. Heavy drinking is also toxic to your kidneys.
-2. Not drinking enough water for a long time: Dehydration can have a direct effect on your liver’s ability to properly detoxify your body. Staying well hydrated helps your kidneys clear sodium and toxins from the body.
-3. Smoking Cigarette: The toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke reach the liver and cause oxidative stress, producing free radicals that damage liver cells.
-4. Overuse of drugs and herbs: Excess use of drugs and certain herbs can overwhelm your liver leaving some harmful toxins in your body.
-5. Too much pain killers: Pain killers like ibuprofen and aspirin can reduce pain but leaves toxins in your liver and kidneys.

How Nature’s Field Liver & Kidney Cleanser works

This supplement contains well research herbs; Cranberry Extract and Milk Thistle Extract. These herb has both anti-inflammatory and detox properties among other health benefits;
-Cranberry Extract: Tannin, the active ingredient in cranberries, helps your kidneys flush out bacteria and toxins. This herbal extract also help reduce swelling, prevent blood clots, and can have anti-tumor effects.
Milk Thistle Extract: In addition to its detox property, Milk Thistle Extract helps reduce liver inflammation and liver damage.



2 capsules per day with meal

4 reviews for L&K Cap (Liver & Kidney Cleanser)

  1. Laminu

    I need it

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Click ‘BUY NOW’to get it

  2. Faith Ajayi

    The best for the kidney and liver challenges. Have just finished 1 container of it, am feeling good.

  3. akinbayo akindele

    I want to try it: am using ur vitamin B12 and it has worked miraculously well for my peripheral neuropathy: so I believe all ur products will b great

  4. Jones

    I bought this product today, please how do I take it? Is it 2 tablets at once?

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Liver and Kidney cleanser is 2 capsules per day with meal

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